Snake Club Returns

For no reason at all I remembered today that I wrote a game back in 2009 that I could make available here on Itch.

It's free to download, it's fun to play for a few minutes and I hope it inspires someone to use some of the ideas in a future project of their own. 

When I was writing this game I thought that having computer-controlled snakes was a novel way to stand out, and I wanted to create game modes to give the player the ability to easily see all the ideas that were bouncing around in my head.

I had plans for lots of additional game modes and expected to create loads more levels and features but at the time I was expecting my first child and had to wrap the project as somewhat-complete before my life was taken over by parenthood.   I recall wanting the game to ultimately have a proper multiplayer mode and work more like Bomberman with players all trying to win rounds.  One day that might happen.

I'd love to resurrect the game for new audiences.  Assuming I won't get around to it, perhaps someone will see this and be inspired to make something awesome that I'd love to play!



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Feb 15, 2022

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