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In 2009 I published my first ever game – Snake Club – using Game Maker 7 from YoYo Games.

At it’s core, Snake Club is a Snake game, similar to the Nokia classic and other titles such as Nibbles and Mega Worm. However, unlike those games, Snake Club features computer-controlled opponents and multiple game modes.

The source code has long since been lost but the game is fully playable for a few minutes of fun and maybe it will inspire you to take some of the ideas and make something cool.

Have fun!


snakeclub.exe 6 MB

Install instructions

The game is completely self-contained, just the single Windows exe.  Tested on WIndows 10 and written in the era of Windows 7 where there were no problems.

Development log


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I remembered whilst testing that hitting 's' in game will skip the current level.  I also found a bug in level 1 of wraparound which sometimes prevents you from moving - press 's' if this happens and you skip to level 2 and everything is fine for the remaining levels.